Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Work in progress screenshot, ecuscan modified to EJ22 address ROM 7332XX


  1. Figure out the RPM formula.
  2. Make the screen bigger and add EJ22 specific O2
  3. Add engine load.
  4. Read switches 
  5. Read error codes.
  6. Stop crashing on no ECU.
Note to self:
  • First switch byte:
    1. ignition on
    2. automatic transmission true
    3. test mode (green connectors connected) true
    4. read memory mode (black connectors connected) true
    5. (n/a)
    6. neutral switch in transmission true
    7. park switch in transmission true
    8. california mode true

  • Second switch byte:
    1. idle switch on
    2. air conditioning switched on
    3. air conditioning relay active
    4. radiator fan relay active
    5. fuel pump relay active
    6. canister purge valve activated
    7. pinging detected
    8. n/a


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