Monday, May 27, 2019

Small Car code elimination board.

My ECU is from 1995-6 Legacy it was really complaining only about the fan relay code P1500.
Two other codes I found to be related to the bad ground.

So here is some info about the code elimination board wiring.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Forster ECU for SOHC Pinout

There is not a lot of info about this ECU but pinout is still present in the Subaru field manual for 98-200x something forester.

Part number: 112500-0083

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Work in progress screenshot, ecuscan modified to EJ22 address ROM 7332XX


  1. Figure out the RPM formula.
  2. Make the screen bigger and add EJ22 specific O2
  3. Add engine load.
  4. Read switches 
  5. Read error codes.
  6. Stop crashing on no ECU.
Note to self:
  • First switch byte:
    1. ignition on
    2. automatic transmission true
    3. test mode (green connectors connected) true
    4. read memory mode (black connectors connected) true
    5. (n/a)
    6. neutral switch in transmission true
    7. park switch in transmission true
    8. california mode true

  • Second switch byte:
    1. idle switch on
    2. air conditioning switched on
    3. air conditioning relay active
    4. radiator fan relay active
    5. fuel pump relay active
    6. canister purge valve activated
    7. pinging detected
    8. n/a

Subaru ROM Versions

Dynamic post to remember the ROMIDs and lables

EJ22  733255 = S5 22611 - AB051F - JAI 8000 RM8
EJ22  733255           
EJ22  733256 =  
EJ22  733257  = W2
EJ22  733263  = L1 22611 - AB060F - JAI 8000 RP2

EJ22 91-94 coolant sensor wiring.

B48-7 Ground - Black Yellow
B48-21 Signal - Red Green

p1104 code Subaru Vanagon

On ODB2 EJ22 1996 ECU
Error P1104.

Still researching but looks like TCS pin B84-34 on ECU side needs to be grounded.

Installing the tool on Linux virtual machine.

Download links: